Wednesday, November 19, 2008

felted sweater arm cozies

It has been a crazy week. We have been busy at preschool with preparations for our "thankful" dinner, pilgrims not invited. I have a cold. All I want to do is stay home and read, drink tea, paint and make stuff. Last year, I lost my favorite pair of fingerless gloves. I miss them dearly. Having two children and being a preschool teacher demands the use of your fingers in the cold. Today I took a few minutes to sew myself some arm and hand cozies, they come in a close  second to fingerless gloves.  I can type with them, ride my bike to work, wear them all day . They are comforting. From the photos that Henry took, you can tell I need to snip part of them a bit, in fact I may try to re-felt them, since they could use some more shrinking. But right now, they are doing the job. 

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