Tuesday, November 4, 2008


At least that is how I think it is spelled. It is pronounced ah-shpay-tah.  Italian for "wait" and it is the first word that comes to my mind when one of my non-English speaking students needs to be reminded to be patient, which is hilarious because none of them are or have ever been Italian. Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, Turkish and Israeli yes, Italian, no.  And that is what I am doing now, waiting. Only I will have to go to bed soon.  

Of Note:

Henry has lost both top front teeth.

Ezra is weaned for real ( 2+ weeks). Incidently, both of my children should be geniuses and Olympic athletes if breast milk is as good as some say. 

I only ate one sleeve of mini twix bars before the trick- or -treaters came. I know I did not need to share that fact but I felt the need. Two reasons, part of me thinks if I am honest about my sugar addiction I will be shamed into rehabilitation, and the old catholic school girl in me rejoices in confessing.

Good Night. Let's hope we will not be in mourning tomorrow and planning a mass exodus to Canada. If we have to, lets start saving towards acreage for a commune.

"Light shining on water droplets spaced out along a bamboo stalk tuns the whole structure into a flute." - Malcolm DeChazel


Sarah said...

If it makes you feel any better, I ate a ridiculous amount of Halloween candy at school, everyone has it and I can't say no. I love reading about your sugar addiction because I have the same problem......seriously I think I need help!

Kelly Carlisle said...

Rock on soul sister. We should alternately form an alliance and be each other's enablers and support each other in our efforts to stay non-diabetics.

Sarah said...

sounds good, although I have already had 3 cookies, a cup of rice pudding, some jordan almonds and cup of hot chocolate today. (I am sure there is more but I tend to conveniently forget it at the end of the day) I am sure others would say the sugar in my coffee also counts but we know that isn't true.....:)


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