Wednesday, January 2, 2008

green thoughts and lactivism

A new report from the WHO documents results of searches of the Medline and Scientific Citation Index databases. These results show that those people who were breastfed: had lower blood pressure, had lower mean cholesterol in adulthood, were less likely to be overweight, were less likely to have type 2 diabetes, had higher intelligence scores, showed better school performance in late adolescence and young adulthood. Go Ezzie and mama!

As my seed catalogs come in I am reminded of one of my favorite gardening books. Green Thoughts by Eleanor Perenyi is a collection of witty essays with titles ranging from Ashes to Woman's Place ( in which she criticizes the age old tradition of sexism within horticultural practices). Here's a tidbit from that chapter:" Altogether, it is pretty obvious that relative physical strength isn't the determining factor in most cases of divided labor but rather which tasks men prefer to do and which they have decided to leave to women. The man in charge of our Hungarian vineyard was the envy of the neighborhood on account of his ten terrific daughters, who could and did get through twice the work of any male, and he didn't hesitate to lay it on them. In peasant societies nobody worries much about overtaxing women's strength. I doubt if they do in any society. What men fear is competition and losing the service of women as drudges." She goes on to describe how women invented horticulture, foraging for plants while men were out hunting beasts. Eventually when the men retired from hunting and took over the gardening, women were relegated to growing the ornamentals. Okay, this may bore some of you to bits. I have read every chapter and she combines her love of writing and her love of gardening in a beautiful way. Her Mulches chapter was 6 pages long and I read all of it and I was probably doing the dishes, nursing ezra and watering my tomato plants at the same time.


Jen said...

Is this Kelly C.?? My G.P. buddy and Campbell studio cohort?? :oD How the hay are you? So cool to read about all the awesome things going on in your neck of the woods...what a sweet family you have! :o)

Hugs from NY!

Jen :o)

kiki said...

hi jen!
What, you have a dog???? I am so surprised. Just joshing with you. That looks like a beautiful great dane. How are you?

Jen said...

Hey Kel! You're close.... Cliff is a greyhound. I have two now (ex-racers)- Clifford and Lucy. My babies, of course. :o)

Things are going well! Bought a house a few years ago in Auburn, have been working on renovations (slowly), gardening, etc. Still doing art but doing more printmaking (linocuts and woodcuts) than anything... I just love it! And it's funny, I really didn't enjoy printmaking when I took Prof. R's class at Wells... now I just can't get enough of it. :o)I started selling at Greyhound adoption festivals this year and was invited into my first "real" art show since our senior thesis... The Greyhounds In Art show in Delaware, this past October! I was so freaking excited, LOL.

Still working at Wells in the alum office, year 3 of being a vegetarian, hmmm... I think that's it. :o) I have a blog at

I've bookmarked your journal to check back often. I love reading your thoughts and seeing the pictures! And I'll DEFINITELY have to try your Kale Pie recipe too-I'm trying to eat more greens. :o)

I love all your crafts! You are an amazing seamstress. Do you still paint? Love being a mom? Boy I am so proud of you, you are all grown up! *sniff* :oD
Keep in touch!


kiki said...

hi jen,

i hope i didn'toffend your beautiful dogs by calling them great danes. Of course they are greyhounds. Great danes are not so fineboned are they? You sound like you are doing well. Can I find some of your paintings online?? I will be looking for them. I am not such a great seamstress, just a beginner, but I am learning. I have been painting but only with acrylics ( bc of fumes) which annoy me to no end but I am going to give them a fair try. I gave Amy a painting for Xmas but forgot to photograph it for the blog. Next time. I have a whole stack of masonite that I am hoping to use.
I love being a mom but it is hard work and all consuming. You can begin to imagine it because dogs are a lot of work but kids are a lot more responsibility. I was just thinking today that in about 4 years we will get the boys a dog and maybe a couple cats eventually. I do love animals and think it is so important for kids to learn to love and nurture them. I will check out your blog soon too. Now I am off to bed. You sound great and it is so good to hear from you.




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