Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Auld Lang Syne (sp.?) ( Think When Harry Met Sally, tears and slobbery kiss)

Do I believe in New Year's resolutions? I am not sure. I think if they work for you that is great. I cannot seem to make them work for me. First of all, if I have a bad habit and I want to kick it I am going to do it after much deliberation and thought and it will happen when it happens and probably not after all of the crazy hullabaloo of the holidays when I hardly have the peace of mind to think. Maybe they don't work for me because they remind me too much of lent and giving up things like chocolate, which I will never not ever give up. Why would someone give it up unless they are morbidly obese and seriously diabetic and eat nothing else. I guess this year I am going to try to learn to relax again. Maybe I will try to let go of that damned mother guilt. But these are not revelations or resolutions on my part, these are constant struggles. I guess many people think of the New Year as a clean slate. We all have some things to look forward to: a new president, the end of this damned war, spring (my seed catalogs are trickling in, yeehaw), a new job and a bit more green stuff, a small wave of eco-conciousness ( however trendy it may be), sewing projects, the weaning of my youngest son (should I make him a breast cake??, probably not), first teeth falling out, a 6yr. old (yikes), a new Ferrari (baby not car), other new clan babies, yummy meals from my new cookbook (thanks aunt Kath, I"ve already tried two and they are great). There are many more I could list, happy and bittersweet and downright sad things that will happen. One more thing I look forward to is making our tiny apt.more of a home. I take inspiration from the above images. The images are from my address book. Yes, I am a dork I have an address book full of Country Living like scenes. But then I love Country Living Magazine.

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The Constant Catastrophizer said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I love it. I was so skeptical of blogs at first, but they really are a wonderful way to update (and be updated by) friends and family far away and en masse. If one ever posts to one, that is. I'm terrible. But anyway...

My email is tinapost@gmail.com). I meant to get your paper address before you left, but I forgot. Can you send that along?

K.K. wants to get in touch with Rose to say goodbye... Do you know the best way for her to do that? I guess I'd like to pass along some words too... Godspeed and move on well.... oi.

Anyway, it was SO LOVELY to see you and Matt again. When Mark and I were in the kitchen doing something I heard you laugh in the other room and realized how much I've missed you. There's a lot about being back home that's very, very good.


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