Monday, January 14, 2008

late jamaican christmas cake and other sweets

One of the benefits of a snow day happening on a Monday, now that I am a working woman, is that I can go to H2 (community ctr.). We have a coffeehouse every Mon. morning. They have been busy in January, I guess. Lot's of baked goods, crumbs on the floor, snotty noses, occasional tears and multiple languages. It is such a boon for us to be surrounded by other student families. I think I used to feel slightly irresponsible for having a family before being more "settled". Now it feels normal, healthy and good in a crazy kinda way. Last night Matty had a dad's night out with some North village blokes. Today the mom's and I were discussing what we will do on our night out. There is a lot of helping out with other peoples' babies. And lots of empathisizing over tight schedules and budgets.

Another boon is the food. My sweet neighbor Letha was late with her Christmas baking and just today gave me the most delectable, boozy Jamaican Christmas cake. I know what we are giving for presents next year, as long as we are not stricken with the bubonic bowel disease again like this past year!

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