Friday, January 11, 2008

rainy day

I am so grateful that Matt is home and not working this January. He has always been pretty helpful domestically (thanks Paul and Sharon). When we first lived together, he bought the mop and cleaning supplies and he used them, mostly. I had chores growing up and knew how to do all that stuff but my standards weren't quite as high as his.Things have flip-flopped a little since those days in Savannah, Ga . When Matt started school he stopped focusing so much on the household stuff. I had to pick up the slack and because there was just so much stress from moving all the time and a baby and then another baby, I have become a little neurotic about somethings. Yes, I want the house clean but I also want everyone up at 7am, kids dressed at 7:15 etc. Henry is impossible to get ready for school, bed, anything. His teachers have the same problem at school. He can't seem to just get dressed, you need to stand over him and tell him every little step or you may find him a half hour later in the bedroom with his trains and nothing on his skinny frame but a red cape. You laugh, yes, it's cute if it is a weekend and nothing has to be done. I am someone who likes to be 5 minutes early for appt.s. It's a hardknock life.

So, I have been having trouble sleeping. I wake up at all hours and realize all over again that Rose is really dead and I won't see her again. This morning, Matty let me sleep in and he got Henry on the bus with almost no help from me. It is a big feat considering Henry's personality.

We have a clothesline in our hallway. We never use the dryer anymore. Yay us!

The boys have new superhero teeshirts. The hulk and Superman (Duperman). Ezra wore his 3 days straight. They are from the Salvation Army.

Also, Matt has been "nesting" he has all these ideas for making our closet more beautiful. We have some new lighting. The bathroom has a colorful paper lantern so that awful loud fan doesn't alwasy have to be on. We have other orbs throughout the apt. Some new lamps are on their way from a friend who collects/buys and sells antiques. I sometimes think matt should just quit school and start a lamp shop. I suppose there are worse obsessions.

Today, Talaya and I are going on a coffee date. My aunt and uncle are on their way to the Berkshire house and they are taking us out to dinner. That should be fun.

I have Fridays off. .It is raining. I guess I will knit.

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