Thursday, January 17, 2008

P.S Sexy New Glasses

Okay, so not that sexy, I just wanted to use that word. I guess there is a teenager inside me still. The glasses are new and they are far superior to the pair I have been wearing the past two years. My Medicaid glasses have elicited far too many chuckles lately with their scotch taped lenses. The boys are blurry because as usual they can't stop moving.

The lovely Dahlia is from a calander my mum gave me. Thanks mama! Love those botanical prints.


The Constant Catastrophizer said...

Me gusta.

Jen said...

Love your new glasses!

Henry's painting is beautiful too. He is very talented, just like his mom! :o)


kiki said...

thanks to both of you!

laurie said...

I thought you were talking about sexy new stemware. Then I thought you were talking about mugs that had dahlias on them. Then I remembered talking about new eyeglasses.

They are hot! Or you are hot in them. One of those.

Laurels xo

Kelly Carlisle said...

That comment is so retro Laurie, don't you agree Tina?


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