Sunday, January 6, 2008

new scarf new job

I began a new job on Wednesday. I will be teaching preschool at a delightful little school just down the street. They follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy which I am learning about but it is much more open, much less dogmatic than Montessori or Waldorf. Really it is a child- centered approach to teaching that integrates the parents, teachers, children and classroom as educators. The classrooms are beautiful and decorated (but not everly) with carefully framed/matted projects and documentation of projects, done by the children.The shelves are not packed with toys puzzles etc. but each cubby might hold one or two special toys placed in a basket, these are rotated weekly. Henry attended this school last year and really loved it. this new job also allows Matty to spend some quality time with Ezzie. The other day I came home and they had made muffins.

I am making a scarf with leftover yarn that is literally collecting dust in my knitting bag. The dusty yarn makes me sneeze. I am not much of a knitter. The last hat I made looked like a large breast at the very top, which I had to cover with a lopsided pompom almost the size of the "breast" itself. It looks silly and yet it was fun, and that's okay.

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