Saturday, January 12, 2008

Smuttynose Winter Ale is Good

This morning it was foggy and quite beautiful outside. There was some serious bicycling going on. Some snacking too.

I have decided to take a break from wrestling with my sewing machine. Ezzie likes to fidget with it when I am not looking and I am having trouble sewing the cafe curtains I planned to make today. Matty and I chose a white gauze fabric for the panels and for the tabs I am using strips of this lovely Japanese cloth my friend Kaori gave me.

My cousin Sara is visiting us this weekend. It is nice to have her around. When she was 13, I remember thinking she was a bit too hyperactive. Now she is 21 and still energetic. It is welcome anytime but especially this weekend. She took me to NoHo and treated me to lunch and ice cream. We have fun talking about sewing projects. She goes to Hampshire college so we tend to see her a lot during the academic year. We missed her this last semester bc she was studying in Edinburgh. I especially love seeing her because I am surrounded by so much testosterone. Sara is quite girly in many ways but also a bit like a crazy tomboy. It is a good combo.

Two important news flashes: Henry has his first loose tooth... very exciting.
Ezra has peed in his potty twice.
The first time Ezzie peed Sara was here. She was trying so hard to get him to pee. Last night she was jumping up and down and bribing him and such. I told her he probably wouldn't. But Sara really wanted to witness a crucial development like this. Then he did it and he was proud too.


The Constant Catastrophizer said...

I love Ezzie's hat!

kiki said...

Thanks, Christmas gift from great uncle Kevin. Wish I had made it.


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