Wednesday, January 30, 2008

we are drinking lots of tea

Rose's sister Chrystie commented on my Rose post recently. It was really sweet and made me feel better about a lot of things.
I also finally had the nerve to check out her site with images and other things that people have added concerning Rosie. My post and photos will be on it. It made me really sad and then really grumpy and then really sad again.

The semester has begun. January left me sort of rough around the edges and now I have less of Matt and more of the kids and they are so demanding and difficult sometimes. And I love them to pieces but it is so hard. How did my mom and Sharon do it without losing their minds? Just getting groceries, dinner, bathtime, bed and some semblance of order around the house is nearly insurmountable without some sort of battle. And after all that where am I? Ezra has become a difficult toddler overnight and Henry is a very loud space cadet. All that said, I wouldn't change them. Okay I would like Ezra to get through this toddler phase A.S.A.P but Henry is Henry. And he is amazing...and sort of difficult.

Matt bought me two boxes of Herbal stress remedy tea and a bottle of wine. He will probably bring me more chocolate soon.

Sara came the other day and we all played with one of my favorite toys. Varialand. So cozy.

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