Thursday, January 31, 2008

new day

I found a new frame for this photo. The first frame broke years ago, the second frame was a homemade affair (piece of wood I painted orange). I like the new frame.

Both of my kids are coughing in their sleep and Ezzie has a fever. Henry scraped his face on the icy pavement today. My cousin Sara' s pony had to be put down. I am so sorry Sara! I have been thinking of you all afternoon.

I did clean Henry and Ezra's closet. It took me over an hour and I don't know where the energy came from but it made me feel better than yesterday, that is until I heard about Keebler dying. I am glad you have a new filly to take care of Sara, and I am sure your dorm room will soon have another illegal batch of foster pups or something!
Check out Sara's nonprofit's website :



Denise said...

Hi Kelly, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. You have a gift (one of many) for writing in a down to earth, easy to read style and I've shared the pics of your boys with Bob and he agrees that they are sooo cute/handsome. (Henry probably prefers handsome?)
Also, it's refreshing to read about another mom who goes through some of the "uncomfortable maternal feelings" that we often don't know what to do with - deny them? - hope they just go away? carry them around feeling guilty?- pretend they were something we dreamt (on the days when things are soooo good that we couldn't have ever felt one negative thing about our lives, right?)
I know I'm an emptynester and not currently experiencing what your motherly days are now but it is still there and the regrets and the whatifs and the guilt - you know, alll the stuff that goes along with being a mom who truly cares..... loving is a bittersweet activity .... reading about the snippets of your life that you share makes me smile and feel that Matt and Henry and Ezra are verrrry lucky young men.
sending a hug love Aunt Denise

Kelly Carlisle said...

Thank you so much Aunt Denise! I am honored that you feel this way. I have always thought of you as a warm and wonderful person. This last summer when we had that conversation about mothering and how my mom helped you, really made me think. A lot of us moms go through this and it helps to share our stories. I am glad that you are enjoying my hobby!


laurie said...

Perfect frame. I've had the blahs all day. But I cleaned my office and established a little space for myself. That helps. I don't think I've had cabin fever like this before. Maybe having sheep and goats was a blessing...



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