Thursday, January 3, 2008

naughty cake

I mentioned on the sidebar that we have been eating cake. I made a New Year cake. I love having a cake in the house. I almost like creating a cake more than eating it (unless it is hotmilk sponge cake with pinucci frosting which is my favorite). What I really love is the imagining of different layers, fillings and frostings. One of my favorite creations was a 3 layer coconut cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting, two layers of grapefruit curd sandwiched inside and a dusting of chewy coconut on top. Alas, my current mini oven does not support my love of baking. I can bake bread with it, I can bake cookies but it has a problem with cakes. Thus the "bad cake" title. I used "naughty cake" because it sounded more fun. So, the cake is sort of pretty due to the bright shiny white frosting but not as yummy as it should be.

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