Thursday, January 17, 2008

quiet refrigerator soup with obscene amount of mushrooms

This morning while I was urging myself to wake up for goodnesssake, I had a crazy thought. I thought to myself that Rose should get a second opinion. On her death. Strange eh?

I have just come home from work. I can hear Ezra and Matty whispering in bed. Matt has been trying to get Ezra down for naps and occasional bedtimes. They made delicious chocolate chip cookies. I am reheating the yummy soup I made last night.

Refrigerater soup

Play some music. I was listening to The Be Good Tanyas but Wilco would be an excellent choice as well.
Drink a bit of wine. For $9.99 at Wholefoods you can purchase a decent bottle of Tariquet Suav. Blanc, which is what I drank but in retrospect I think I am starting to return to my red phase.

Are your kids fighting over trains? Is you husband leaving to pick up the single mother/student /neighbor and her young daughter from the emergency room? Now is the time to hand your young boys some butter knives and button mushrooms. Tell them to slice. Tell them it is a very important job. Watch their chests puff with pride. Have a sip of that wine.

If you don't have any cartons of stock, caramelize some onions, celery, mushrooms and carrots in some butter and oil. Douse the mixture generously ( like any good Italian's wife) with olive oil and wine. Throw in some of that kale that is threatening to turn ugly. Add some water. Now is the time to add a few dollops of mashed potatoes/other cooked roots that have been sitting around, parsnips in my case. Simmer for at least a half hour, I think. Add any cooked meat, pasta or grains to warm at the end. Pepper and salt et voila.

Eat amidst candllight with two almost quiet boys and grateful husband. Enjoy. It is even better the next day.

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